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    15-17 May 2024

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    International Conference on Biomaterials and Biofabrication

    The workshop will be held on Wednesday May, 15th at ENSAIA.
    Address: 2 avenue de la Forêt de Haye 54500 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, France.

    The conference will take place from Thursday May, 16th to Friday May, 17th at the Présidence Léopold.

    Address: 34 Cours Léopold 54000 Nancy, France.

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    Biomaterials have been utilized by humans for millennia and are the cornerstone of tissue engineering, regenerative medicine and bioencapsulation of active compounds. Biomaterial-based drug delivery systems are becoming more popular due to their improved delivery localization, longevity, and control. However, material composition is not the only important consideration in biomaterial development. The processes used to generate biomaterial structures also affect their use and function. Biofabrication techniques allow for precise control of biomaterial configuration. Researchers have developed an array of biofabrication tools and methods in this rapidly growing field, with improvements in technology and dropping costs leading to increased democratization of use.

    Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Emerging Technologies Conference and Workshop aims to bring together researchers, scientists, and experts from various disciplines with an interest in biomaterials and biofabrication to explore and discuss the latest developments in the field. The conference includes a lineup of esteemed invited speakers. The workshops will include education and hands on experience in 1) bioprinting and biofabrication and 2) nanoliposome fabrication and functionalization for drug/RNA delivery from biomaterials.

    Biomaterials and Biofabrication: Emerging Technologies will be beneficial for students, postdocs, faculty, and members of industry to interact and learn about recent progress of the field. The conference will create an inclusive environment that fosters productive interactions among participants. We are excited to provide an opportunity for researchers at all levels to showcase their work and network with and learn from their peers. We encourage you to submit abstracts by March 15th, 2024 and present your innovations in the field of biomaterials and biofabrication in all emerging areas. Students are encouraged to submit an abstract to participate in our student presentation competition. We hope to see you there!

    Organisation Committee

    ● Pr. Elmira Tehrany-Kahn (Université de Lorraine, France)
    ● Pr. Stephane Desobry (Université de Lorraine, France)
    ● Dr. Ali Tamayol (University of Connecticut Health Center, USA)
    ● Dr. Yupeng Chen (University of Connecticut Health Center, USA)

    Scientific committee

    ● Pr. Elmira Tehrany-Kahn
    ● Dr. Cyril Kahn
    ● Pr. Stephane Desobry
    ● Dr. Aya Khanji
    ● Dr. Ali Tamayol
    ● Dr. Yupeng Chen
    ● Dr. Mohamadmahdi Samandari

    Key dates

    Opening of registrations

    Feb. 15th 2024

    Abstract submission deadline

    Mar. 15th 2024

    Abstract notifications

    Mar. 25th 2024

    Earlybirds registration deadline

    Apr. 15th 2024

    Registration deadline for those who don’t intend to make an oral or poster presentation

    Apr. 15th 2024

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